Estonian developer of AI-powered analytics platform Heybooster raises €770K

Tallinn-based startup Heybooster, the developer of an AI-powered analytics platform, has raised €770K from Turkish Ak Asset Management and Arz Portföy, Istambul-based investment fund Starters Hub, and follow-on investments from Turkish investment management company Lima Ventures and LEAP Investment.

Founded in 2019 by Sahin Secin and Neslihan Emikoglu, Heybooster has developed a platform that allows marketing teams to discover revenue growth opportunities and detect budget-wasting issues by providing actionable suggestions. Heybooster automatically checks the company's data and sends critical changes to its email with clear explanations. The client can assign projects to their team on the platform and track changes. After the client grants access to their marketing channels such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Meta Ads, and Search Console, Heybooster collects all the data in one place, and the algorithms start providing results quickly.