Gene therapy enhancement platform developer ExpressionEdits raises €12M

Gene therapy enhancement biotech ExpressionEdits, co-founded by Estonian entrepreneur Kärt Tomberg, has raised €12M. The seed round was led by London-based Octopus Ventures and Swiss VC Redalpine, with participation from US-based BlueYard Ventures, London-based Wilbe Capital, Canadian Acequia Capital, German Amino Collective and US-based Hawktail.

The startup idea is based on research conducted at the University of Cambridge. Founded in 2021 by Kärt Tomberg, Allan Bradley, and Liliana Antunes and based in Cambridge, ExpressionEdits' technology makes it possible to mimic the natural structure of genes to improve protein production, which can help develop more effective protein-based drugs. The company's solution is based on using artificial intelligence and proprietary intronization technology. The company incorporates multiple short noncoding DNA sequences known as introns into artificial genes, which helps to increase gene expression and produce better protein. According to the company, the average intron is over 1,5K base pairs, but the team can design introns that have 80 base pairs, and later integrate them into constructs without exceeding size constraints. 

ExpressionEdits' AI-powered platform integrates millions of biological data points with machine learning algorithms, enabling automated optimization of gene design and optimal protein expression across therapeutic modalities. The startup will use the investment to start developing protein-based therapeutics and select lead candidates for preclinical testing.